Why see a notary?

Whether the common law union is a choice or a matter of fact, spouses are required to make decisions with important legal ramifications. People in common law unions must be informed so that they can protect themselves.

When faced with the multitude and complexity of laws, common law spouses are not always able to assess the legal impact of their decisions themselves. Assistance is often beneficial.

Notaries are impartial legal advisers who meet with and perform legal actions on behalf of thousands of people each year. They inform couples of their rights and of the legal consequences of separation or death in the absence of adequate legal protective measures.

Be it a will, a cohabitation contract or a mandate in case of incapacity, a notary can advise clients on the legal impact of the documents that they are about to sign. He or she will explain the benefits of each notarized document and prepare the contract in accordance with the law.